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Season 9

9.24 "Masquerade"
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  • Episode Number: 215
  • Original Air Date: March 07, 1986
  • Written by: Leonard Katzman
  • Directed by: Larry Hagman
  • Guest Cast:
    • Jenilee Harrison (Jamie Ewing)
    • Dack Rambo (Jack Ewing)
    • Barbara Carrera (Angelica Nero)
    • John Beck (Mark Graison)
    • George Chakiris (Nicholas)
    • Barry Jenner (Dr. Jerry Kenderson)
    • Omri Katz (John Ross Ewing III)
    • Shalane McCall (Charlie Wade)
    • William Prince (Alex Garrett)
    • Merete Van Kamp (Grace)
    • Conroy Gedeon (???)
    • Sherril Lynn Rettino (Jackie Dugan)
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Detailed summary
In Martinique, Jack reunites with Grace - and Angelica worries that she is actually falling in love. The group prepare for the Masquerade ball, where Jack will meet the press and the oil community as Dimitri Marinos.
On the day of the ball, however, Grace manages to warn JR and Jack that they must leave town immediately afterward. The next day, Angelica is preparing to kill both of them. JR refuses to leave before the ball as he wants to meet Alex Garrett to learn the whole truth.
The ball begins successfully and Garrett - disguised - informs JR that three years ago, Dimitri Marinos changed his will to cut Angelica Nero out. He also attemptd to replace her as CEO. Then, he got very ill and fired Garrett. Garrett believes that Nero was behind his firing, and that she had Marinos so ill he was under her control.
Angelica suspects that Grace has betrayed her, and changes the plans. As Jack is introduced to the community, a lone gunmen shoots at him. JR saves Jack, and Nicholas kills the gunman. Angelica pulls a gun on JR but panic ensues, and she escapes.
Back in Texas, Pam considers selling Christopher's shares to Ewing Oil, hoping that she can help the next generation avoid the feud, and hoping that she can live a life with Mark and Christopher. However, her continued support of Matt Cantrell's emerald mine separates her from Cliff.
Jerry Kenderson convinces Sue Ellen to go out with him; Ray misses being around a big family, and begins to consider adoption as the Krebbs house nears completion; and Jenna begins to sink into psychosis as she believes Bobby was destined to marry her. Pam - in a moment of anger - blurts out the truth about what happened in Bobby's last 24 hours, but Jenna simply calls her a liar.
Howard Keel does not appear in this episode.

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