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Season 9

9.21 "Dire Straits"
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  • Episode Number: 212
  • Original Air Date: February 14, 1986
  • Written by: Joel J. Feigenbaum & Peter Dunne
  • Directed by: Bruce Bilson
  • Guest Cast:
    • Deborah Shelton (Mandy Winger)
    • Jenilee Harrison (Jamie Ewing)
    • Dack Rambo (Jack Ewing)
    • Marc Singer (Matt Cantrell)
    • Barbara Carrera (Angelica Nero)
    • John Beck (Mark Graison)
    • Alejandro Rey (Luis Rueda)
    • Barry Jenner (Dr. Jerry Kenderson)
    • Shalane McCall (Charlie Wade)
    • Robert Pine (Psychiatrist)
    • William Prince (Alex Garrett)
    • Debbie Rennard (Sylvia "Sly" Lovegren)
    • Merete Van Kamp (Grace)
    • Solomon Smaniotto (Tony)
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Detailed summary
While JR returns to Dallas, the rest of Pam's men wait in Bogota where Mark begins to suspect Matt is involved in Pam's kidnapping.
The Ewings attempt to get Jenna psychiatric help but it is Charlie who finally convinces her to think about it.
Mandy guiltily confesses her spying to JR, who is surprisingly gracious - he still is in love with her, but doubts they can ever work it out. Later, he grows jealous of Sue Ellen's fondness for Jerry Kenderson.
Donna and Ray grow closer to their disabled wards; JR convinces Jack to come with him to the oil conference in Martinique, where Angelica and Grace plan to make him into a substitute for Marinos; and JR - watching old news footage on Marinos - sees an old lawyer friend, Alex Garrett, on the news and decides to find out what exactly is going on.
Matt pays the ransom and Pam is returned to her lover, her friend and her brother.
Cliff comments in that episode that the emerald mine was "Bobby's dream... now it's Pam's nightmare". This is the third reference to dreams this season (previously mentioned by Jenna and Pam, and also experienced by Sue Ellen) and foreshadows the twist that would come in the last moments of the season. Pam later mentions that she was "following a dream".
First appearance of Solomon Smaniotto as Tony, the young deaf boy who Donna and Ray work with. His role was originally expected to continue into the tenth season, but was thwarted by the production changeover at season's end. (See the notes on the finale and 10th season premiere for details).

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